Hello world!

Hello Everyone,

I am here to share my creative ways and ideas to cook those veggies that a lot of us do not like. Let’s just say that I hated, zucchini, asparagus, green onions, and so on but after I quit smoking and had more time on my hands I started looking for recipes and wanted to start trying different things. There were so many seasonings out there, I was intimidated but wanted to add different tastes to my dishes. The hubby and I are trying to watch what we eat, so there is a lot of chicken being cooked in the house. We needed to add different flavors to the chicken to keep eating good and I will have to tell you that  adding different seasonings to my chicken has made a huge difference in the chicken and then adding other items to the dish is much more interesting.  So I am here to get you started on cooking healthier and getting you started on an idea and making it your own. Good luck!!


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