Apple Almond Protein Smoothie

I love experminting so I decided to start throwing things in to the blender and hope it comes out great. Well guess what? It did, it was so yummy and you wouldn’t even know it was healthy for you or that there were collard greens in it. So here you go. 



1 cup of soy milk ( you can use almond or coconut milk, I just had soy open in the fridge)

2 tbls of greek vanilla or plain yogurt

2 tbls sliced almonds

1-2 tsp chia seeds 

1 small apple of your choice with the skin on it 

1 tbls of natural peanut butter 

3 collard greens 

half a banana 

splash of apple juice ( you don’t have to add it )

2-3 ice cubes. 

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder


I added more soy milk to this recipe so that I could have more for later. I mixed all the ingredients and poured into a frosty mug and drank away. Change what you life and experiment with it, that is what I do.   Enjoy!



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