Chicken Asparagus ( Crock pot Version)

Who doesn’t love their crock pot or slow cooker is crazy. All you do is gather ingredients you think would taste good and start throwing them together creating something interesting. 


1 lb chicken ( I cut the chicken into decent chucks, it’s up to you ) 

1 lb asparagus ( steamed and placed in the crock pot with 10 mins left)

1 can 98% Fat Free Chicken Soup or low sodium

1 can 98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom Soup or low sodium 

1/2 cup white wine or low sodium chicken stock 

1/2 cup sour cream 

1 tsp celery salt 

1 tsp paprika 

1 tsp pepper 

1 tsp garlic power 




Place all ingredients in the crock pot on high for 4-5 hours. Add sour cream at the end and serve.  Steam or blanch asparagus and add asparagus into crock pot with 10 minutes left or you can place onto as you wish.

It’s so simple and tastes so good. 



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